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I'm Karen and I'm so happy that you've come across this wonderful healing modality!  Go you!  

About me... I've working in the oil and gas industry for about 15 years and although it served me in many ways but I found I was feeling rather depleted and wanted to make a change... but to what?Someone had once told me if you want to remember who you really are and what you really love, remember what you used to do as a kid.  What did you do with all your free time?  What made you jump out of bed on a weekend morning or made you so excited for summer vacation? I remembered playing outside from sun up to sundown, swiping veggies from the garden for snacks and basically being a barefoot wildchild in a frilly dress (thanks mom, haha).  And from there I remember a fascination with natural healing.  Combining that with my own health story I found my perfect modality... Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Massage.  A nurturing holistic approach combining 

massage, self empowerment and natural remedies supporting the bodies innate ability to heal itself that really works!  

So, my work passions are all about holistically supporting and nurturing people growing in self care, releasing what no longer serves us and relieving abdominal discomforts. I am a certified Arvigo (abdominal massage), applied kinesiology, SIPS 1 and spiritual bathing practitioner.


My home life passions are all about family and friends, self care, being outdoors, wild harvesting local herbs and flowers for tinctures and teas, travelling and... well, this happy list could go on for a while.

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